Christman's collaborative project management style makes our turnkey, design/build services an excellent choice for clients seeking single-source accountability for planning, design and construction of their projects. Our understanding of this complex process, combined with access to the best experts in our field, enables us to assemble the most qualified team to match the project's specific requirements. We then lead an integrated planning process that enables interactive value analysis of alternative designs together with early cost and schedule estimates, fostering innovation, saving time and ultimately yielding the best, most cost-effective design and construction solutions. 

Under this approach, the client hires the builder and architect/engineer as one design/build contractor entity, who may be selected either before or after the price has been established. In cases where the price is established first, the design/build contractor will typically submit a fee based on a schematic level design developed by another party. When the price is established later in the process, the design/build contractor is typically selected on the basis of qualifications and fees. Once selected, the design/build team works together to develop the project and budget. When a sufficient amount of the design has been completed, a lump sum or Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) for the project can be established.


  • Saves time, enables fast-track delivery (construction can begin before design is complete)
  • Single-source accountability
  • Phased construction possible
  • Early GMP eliminates client concerns of cost overruns
  • Streamlined communications and accelerated decision-making
  • Superior quality assurance and reduced change orders
  • Maximum design to budget reconciliation


  • Reduced “checks and balances” between design and construction teams
  • Client may sacrifice some control over the project design
  • Design is completed after GMP is determined